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List of our Services

We offer 3 main services to cars. Car servicing, Car Repairs and Car Tyres.


    Chassis Lube - Oil & Filter Changes - Transmission Service - Pack Wheel Bearings - Differential Service
    Power Steering Service - Brake Fluid Service - Wiper Blades - Windshield Washers - Battery Service - Noises / Leaks
    Cooling System Service

    Pad Replacement - Lining Replacement - Hose Replacement - Wheel Cylinders - Master Cylinders
    Emergency Brakes - Brake Drums - Brake Rotors - Machining - Power Boosters - Anti-Lock Systems

    Diagnosis - Hoses - Belts - Heater Cores - Thermostats - Fan Clutches - Electric Fans
    Water Pumps - Transmission Coolers

    Driveability Diagnosis - Fuel Injection Service - Maintenance Tune Ups - Computer Repairs - Emission Repairs
    Check Engine Light Diagnosis - Charging Systems - Alternators/Starters - Instruments/Guages
    Electrical Wiring - Lighting Systems - Power Accessories

    Timing Belts - Timing Chains - Oil Leaks - Head Gaskets - Valve Cover Gaskets - Valve Adjustment
    Engine Replacement - Mufflers - Catalytic Converters - Manifold Gaskets - Exhaust Leaks - Exhaust Pipes

    Alignments - Shocks/Struts - Wheel Balancing - CV Boots & Joints - Drive Axles - Rack & Pinion Steering
    Level Ride Systems - Automatic Transmission Service - Power Steering Service - U-Joints - Differential Repair
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